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Colville Tribe working to relocate lynx from Canada

Several lynx have been captured in Canada and relocated to the Colville Indian Reservation in in hopes that a resilient population will be established there in an effort that uses... — Updated 12/15/2021


Coho have banner year

In the complex world of salmon recovery, coho are something of a success story right now. This fall, a record 25,000 coho salmon passed over Wells Dam, the highest number since... — Updated 12/9/2021


'Magic': Peninsula gains acclaim as psychedelic 'shroom' capital

LONG BEACH PENINSULA - There's something magical happening in the sprawling sand dunes in Pacific County. During the dreariest days of fall, an army of furtive fungal foragers... — Updated 12/2/2021


Research locates cold-water areas crucial for fish survival

To humans, rivers in the Methow can seem pretty frigid, even in August. But for fish in the Methow, having cold water – really cold – is a matter of life and death. Aquatic... — Updated 11/17/2021


Adapting to fire helped save house and avoid a 'moonscape'

As the Cedar Creek Fire approached their house in July, Peter Polson and Shannon Huffman Polson were reasonably confident they'd done their best to protect their home. Today, the... — Updated 11/3/2021

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Worried about the Big One? Consider a tsunami capsule

When the Cascadia Subduction Zone rips and shakes Edmonds and Puget Sound – and possibly unleashes a deadly tsunami – will you be ready? It's been 321 years and counting since t... — Updated 10/20/2021


Feds revisit wolves' endangered status

Gray wolves in the western United States, including in Eastern Washington, are a step closer to receiving endangered species protection from the federal government. The U.S. Fish... — Updated 10/6/2021


Meeting to reveal long-term recommendations for Lewis & Clark Trail, Palouse Falls and Lyons Ferry rescheduled

OLYMPIA–Washington State Parks has rescheduled its public meeting to share recommendations for long-term recreation and land use for three state parks in southeastern Washington.... — Updated 10/1/2021


Joy of clamming: Bivalve beach bounty astounds diggers

LONG BEACH PENINSULA - The first recreational razor clam digs of the 2021-22 season commenced over the weekend with thousands of diggers descending on the bountiful sands along the... — Updated 9/23/2021


Fires are 'season-ending event' for Methow Valley tourism

As wind and extreme dry weather continues to drive the growth of two Methow Valley fires, the best hope for the return of normal life and clear skies is fall rain, or ideally, an... — Updated 7/23/2021


'Homewaters' is our home, too

Edmonds is mentioned only in passing in a new book by Seattle author, naturalist, and educator David B. Williams titled "Homewaters: A Human and Natural History of Puget Sound" (Uni... — Updated 5/21/2021

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Nisqually Land Trust, Nisqually Tribe Purchase 2,200 Acres of Land

The Nisqually Land Trust and the Nisqually Indian Tribe have entered into a historic partnership, purchasing 2,200 acres and over three miles of critical salmon habitat along Busy... — Updated 5/21/2021


Clean fuels bill approved by the House

A low carbon fuel bill passed the state House of Representatives Feb. 27 in a 52-46 vote with every Republican voting no. Its next stop is the Senate. The bill directs the Department of Ecology to institute rules that require... — Updated 3/10/2021


Clean fuel would reduce emissions, but businesses question costs

Democrats in the state Legislature are backing bills aimed at reducing carbon emissions and pollutants put into the atmosphere by transportation fuels with the goal of achieving a 95 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions... — Updated 2/17/2021


Navy gets approval for state park training

Training for Navy SEALs in state parks was approved by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission in a 4-3 vote Jan. 28. The approval amended the Navy's proposal,... — Updated 2/10/2021


King tides coming: how you can capture them

The University of Washington Sea Grant Program has again issued a call for the public to take photographs of the year's highest tides on Puget Sound and the outer coast. The images... — Updated 1/14/2021


Toxic spots: Science reveals a source of crab and clam problems

PACIFIC OCEAN - As high levels of domoic acid once again delay the opening of the commercial Dungeness crab fishery in Washington state and along Oregon's North Coast, researchers... — Updated 12/26/2020


Photographers descend on Cape Disappointment for king tides

With each crashing wave came a chorus of clicking cameras. Photographers turned out in droves in anticipation of the biggest set of king tides this season, culminating with a 10.21... — Updated 12/18/2020


Surviving the Cold Springs Fire: a homeowner's personal story

It was Sunday night, Sept. 6, at about 10 p.m. Kirsten Cook, her husband and two of their friends were stargazing when one of the friends saw and pointed out some "cool puffy... — Updated 12/9/2020


Over 200 queens found in Asian giant hornet nest

Over 500 Asian giant hornets were found in the east Blaine nest eradicated on October 24, state entomologists confirmed this week. Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA)... — Updated 11/13/2020


'Ground-truthing' the project: Citizens Council checks it out

Late successional reserves. Matrix shaded fuel breaks. Riparian reserves. It can be hard for ordinary folks to wrap their head around the terminology used to characterize the... — Updated 11/13/2020


145 invasive European green crabs caught in Drayton Harbor

Scientists trapped 33 European green crabs last week, 28 of which were in the mouth of Dakota Creek – one of the highest week’s capture since trapping for the invasive species b... — Updated 10/7/2020


Second orca calf joins pod

A second new calf was born into the J Pod in the past week or so, according to the Center for Whale Research. If the new calf is healthy, the center will assign a designation, much... — Updated 10/7/2020


Forest rebounding from 2016 fire

Four years after the fire at Little Cranberry Lake in the Anacortes Community Forest Lands, the burned area has experienced a lot of growth with native species starting to get... — Updated 10/7/2020


Dolphin Pays a Rare Visit to the Key Peninsula

A dolphin has been putting on a show around the southern tip of the Key Peninsula. "The acrobatics I witnessed were incredible and unlike anything else outside of Sea World," said... — Updated 9/17/2020


Possible 'seven-armed octopus' found on beach at Ebey's Landing

The tentacles of a deep-sea creature that washed up on a Whidbey beach have reached across the country. Scientists from universities and research centers as far away as the... — Updated 9/17/2020


Picturing calamity: New simulations predict tsunami impacts

PACIFIC COUNTY - What happens in the minutes and hours after the Cascadia Subduction Zone ruptures along the state's outer coast is shown in alarming new simulations released Aug.... — Updated 9/11/2020


Want a plastic bag? It will cost you

Consumers will need to remember to bring their own reusable shopping bags if they want to avoid the fee that a new law will put on plastic bags. Senate Bill 5323 will ban retailers and grocers from handing out single-use plastic... — Updated 3/9/2020


Forests help meet carbon goals, bill acknowledges

Washington state lawmakers have passed legislation that will align the timber and forestry sector with the state’s carbon emission goals. The Senate voted 46-3 on March 5 in favor of House Bill 2528, which would recognize the... — Updated 3/9/2020


Ban proposed for polystyrene foam products

Products made of polystyrene foam will be on the way out if some members of the Washington State Legislature get their way and stop their sale and distribution. Senate bill 6213, sponsored by Senator Mona Das, D- Kent, and its... — Updated 2/12/2020


Lawmakers back timber as a way to reduce state's carbon emissions

Washington state legislators are organizing bipartisan support for the timber industry as part of its effort to reduce carbon from the atmosphere. House Bill 2528 and companion Senate Bill 6355 support the growth of forestry and... — Updated 2/12/2020


Proposed law adds a fee to plastic bags at check out

In an attempt to reduce plastic pollution, a bill banning retailers from handing out free single-use plastic bags in the state of Washington is moving in the Legislature. The bill,... — Updated 2/12/2020


Per-mile fee considered to replace gas tax

A gradual transition from the state’s current gasoline tax to a system that would charge drivers based on how many miles they drive is under consideration by Washington state lawmakers. This comes amid rising concerns on how to f... — Updated 2/12/2020


House passes clean fuels bill over bipartisan opposition

People will be asked to use a lot less gasoline and to convert to alternative clean fuels in the next 15 years if a proposal before the Legislature becomes law. After lengthy debate, Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 1110... — Updated 2/12/2020


Lawmakers push for an emission-reduction policy

A proposed cap and trade program is under consideration in the senate as lawmakers continue to explore ways to meet the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals. Senate Bill 5981, with Sen. Reuven Carlyle, D-Queen Anne, as its... — Updated 2/12/2020


State land swaps prompt Methow Valley concerns

Though there's no public access to much of hundreds of acres of Methow land the state is proposing to dispose of, area residents are making eloquent and emotional pleas about its... — Updated 1/1/2020


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