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  • Local service clubs struggle with declining, aging membership

    Olivia Hobson, Cascadia Daily News|Updated Nov 28, 2022

    Service clubs in Bellingham are struggling with declining membership across the board. As longtime members get older and younger professionals struggle with the time commitments that traditionally come with being part of service organizations, clubs like Kiwanis, Rotary and Lions are finding ways to fundraise, organize events and recruit new faces. Kiwanis Club of Bellingham is still making plans to support the kids of Bellingham and Whatcom County in the upcoming year...

  • What's the Deal With: Mount Baker Theatre's boulder?

    Olivia Hobson, Cascadia Daily News|Updated Nov 11, 2022

    The boulder behind Mount Baker Theatre is rather conspicuous. Nestled in the alley behind the building between Commercial and Unity streets, it looks like city planners made a mistake. But no, this boulder is not an interloper. The outcropping is Chuckanut sandstone, the local geologic formation that makes up the Chuckanuts and the rest of Bellingham's hills and coastline, running below the buildings and streets of downtown. The Chuckanut sandstone formation was deposited 50...

  • What's the Deal With: Bellingham's plum shortage?

    Olivia Hobson, Cascadia Daily News|Updated Oct 13, 2022

    If you were looking forward to a bountiful plum harvest in Bellingham this fall, you aren't alone if your gathering efforts seem fruitless. Local plum trees might produce less fruit for a variety of reasons, and the exact cause is impossible to determine, said Lynn Loveland, a horticulturist at My Garden Nursery. But calcium deficiencies, pruning blunders or a lack of pollination could all lead to a less-than bountiful harvest. This year, the chilly, wet spring could be a...

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