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New ferries to bolster fleet still years away

Washington's ferry system is in jeopardy. It is struggling to meet the demands of its routes, and officials say it may be three to four years before any new ferry can go into... — Updated 3/11/2024


Legislature approves ban on state income tax

An initiative prohibiting imposition of a state income tax was approved March 5 by the state Legislature. "This is a great day for everyone in Washington," said Rep. Jim Walsh,... — Updated 3/6/2024


Effort to improve ballot rejection rates passes unanimously

Washington State is recognized for its effective voting processes, but officials say too many ballots are rejected because signatures don't match. "I think we can do a lot better... — Updated 3/6/2024


Cancer diagnosis redirects Sen. Rebecca Saldaña's energy this legislative session

In the mainly white, buttoned down, business suit environment that is the Washington State Legislature, Sen. Rebecca Saldaña stands out. The Seattle Democrat swapped heels for... — Updated 2/28/2024


Crowd demands hearing on citizen initiatives

A sea of red, white and blue covered the Capitol steps as hundreds of Washingtonians proudly waved American flags and demanded hearings on six initiatives that would roll back... — Updated 2/28/2024


Budget questions swirl around possible repeal of climate act

Money to expand and upgrade the state’s ferry fleet will be included in this year’s supplemental budget, but lawmakers warn funding could go away if voters choose to repeal the Climate Commitment Act (CCA). “If the CCA is repealed,... — Updated 2/24/2024


Three of the six citizen initiatives will be granted hearings

Three citizen-led initiatives will receive hearings in this session of the Legislature, said Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig, D-Spokane, and Speaker of the House Laurie Jinkins, D-Tacoma. The Legislature will debate I-2113 on... — Updated 2/21/2024


Inslee reflects in his final year as governor

On the second level of the white and gray marbled Capitol building stands the Governor's office, guarded by a State Patrol trooper stationed outside. On the interior walls are... — Updated 2/12/2024


End to daylight saving time in the sights of "Ditch the Switch" advocates

Washingtonians may lose their cherished ultra-late-night sunsets in the summer if Washington state opts for permanent Pacific Standard Time (PST). "If Congress had acted, we would... — Updated 1/30/2024


Mandatory voting proposed by Democrats

A proposal to make voting mandatory drew criticisms from two thousand people in a Legislative hearing Jan. 25. "We are already in a moment of extreme distrust in elections, so you s... — Updated 1/26/2024


Shift to even-year local elections proposed to boost voter turnout

Low turnouts for local elections are leading some to advocate for moving those contests to even numbered years alongside national races. "Young people are part of the communities... — Updated 1/17/2024


Governor calls for action on homelessness, climate and abortion rights

Defending his record and pressing for more action, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee urged a joint session of the Legislature to stay on a path that protects a woman's right to choose,... — Updated 1/11/2024


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Meaningful, independent journalism is at a crossroads. Advertisers who once filled newspaper coffers and funded local journalism have shifted resources to the Internet. And... — Updated 11/2/2023


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