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DNR leadership preps for worsening wildfires in Washington

With wildfire season already underway in Western Washington, the state's Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz said firefighters are better equipped to handle more intense wildfires across the state.

During a visit to Whatcom and Skagit counties this week, where she sat down for an interview with Cascadia Daily News, Franz focused on the environmental challenges the Department of Natural Resources has faced through her tenure - like wildfires - and her approach to solving them.

Two months into her gubernatorial campaign, Franz also met with tribes, farmers and even military divers near Semiahmoo during her Monday and Tuesday visit to discuss challenges facing voters.

"We spend too much time, oftentimes, in disagreement and differences and division, versus actually working on the ground to understand what the problem is at the community level, developing a plan and a strategy, and then working tirelessly to implement it," Franz said from a Burlington coffee shop on Tuesday, July 18.

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