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Grant funds available to restore historic barns, cemeteries and theaters

Grants are available to support the rehabilitation and restoration of historic barns, cemeteries and theaters across the state because of funding from the Washington state Legislature.

The legislature's approval of the 2023-25 state budget earlier this year included reauthorization of four state capital grant programs operated by the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP): the Heritage Barn Grant Program, Historic County Courthouse Grant Program, Historic Cemetery Grant Program and Historic Theater Grant Program.

These grant programs are intended to help to preserve, rehabilitate and restore some of the state's most historically and culturally significant resources, according to a press release. As in the past, the grant programs are administered by the nonprofit Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, under contract to DAHP. Of the four grant programs, the grant recipients for the Historic County Courthouse Grant Program are pre-determined as part of the legislative request. The remaining three programs are accepting grant applications through Oct. 31.

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