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What motivates Woodward? Trump is 'on the ballot'

From afar, the questions surrounding his every public-stage movement are fascinating political theater playing out in a decidedly Other Washington: What's motivating Bob Woodward?

From this Washington, it's less immediate, but equally tantalizing, especially given Woodward's scheduled Nov. 12 Mount Baker Theatre appearance - a few days after what promises to be a momentous national midterm election.

His most recent release, "The Trump Tapes," an annotated audiobook version of 20 interviews with the former president, continues to cause a stir, especially given Woodward's bluntly stated reasoning for releasing the work: a clearer view of the malignant narcissism from a man who has refused to exit the political stage.

In a recent interview with Cascadia Daily News, Woodward said his release of the Trump interviews was framed by the legendary journalist and historian as a siren call to a three-alarm fire threatening representative American democracy.

"It increasingly became apparent ... that Trump is going to run again, that he's a presence," Woodward said. Even in next week's midterm elections, Trump, he believes, "is on the ballot, as much as Joe Biden is on the ballot."

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