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History comes alive: Lewis and Clark

KNAPPTON COVE - A pair of moccasins might only last a couple days and buffalo meat was much desired after a diet too rich with roots and salmon.

The daily lives and dining practices of the Lewis and Clark Expedition came to life during a reenactment at an encampment last Saturday and Sunday at Knappton Cove Heritage Center along the banks of the Columbia River, just up river from Dismal Nitch historical site, where the expedition famously struggled to survive in November 1805.

The five participants included Glen Allison, portraying Capt. Meriwether Lewis; John Orthmann as Joseph Whitehouse; Dewayne Pritchett as John Collins, Dewayne Anderson as Pvt. William Werner and seamstress Mrs. Cane, portrayed by Margaret Fedje.

Each of the portrayed individuals was vital to the Corps of Northwestern Discovery, which Lewis and Capt. William Clark led from St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River and back with help from Sacagawea, Clark's Black slave York, and a U.S. Army unit of about three dozen men from 1804-06.

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