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Cheney Free Press hires reporter

CHENEY- Michaela Friedrich is the newest addition to the Cheney Free Press. She is a junior in the Gonzaga journalism program and is looking forward to her new gig.

"I'm really excited to be here-this is my first job in journalism outside of the Gonzaga Bulletin," Michaela said. "After I graduate, I plan on staying in the general area. I'm excited to start being a part of the Cheney community."

Michaela was born and raised in Patterson, Calif., a small agricultural community in the Central Valley. She moved to Spokane three years ago after enrolling at GU as a journalism major.

"I chose this occupation because I like writing. I've done a lot of creative and academic writing, so I figured if I chose a degree where I could work on my writing and interview skills-I love talking to people-asking questions- I thought it was a perfect fit.

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