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Harrell stole the spotlight during Biden's visit


Last updated 5/5/2022 at 10:34am

Kendee Yamaguchi, Office of the Mayor

Bruce Harrell asked for Joe Biden's pen moments after the president signed an executive order.

When President Joe Biden visited Seattle last Friday, Mayor Bruce Harrell's photos were all over in the media, more than other politicians.

Never mind that Harrell is only a mayor, not the governor of Washington state.

Never mind that he didn't wear blue, the Democrats' color. Never mind that he carries a lesser rank compared to the U.S. Senators and Congressional members, who were also present at Seward Park when Biden signed his executive order to celebrate Earth Day.

Harrell was on the front page of the Seattle Times, showing him grabbing the president's pen after he had just signed the order for the counting of old-growth trees at Seward Park. And Harrell was the only one wearing a beige coat among a sea of blue coats worn by other Democrat politicians, including the president.

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