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Nom-nom: Galley back open on Edmonds-Kingston run

After a ban of more than two years on food and drink service on Washington State Ferries, those taking the Edmonds-Kingston run can now partake in gallery offerings.

Clam chowder washed down with a Northwest beer? Yes, please!

And, after this week's ruling by U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle in Florida, boat riders no longer have to strap their masks back on when not eating or drinking.

Sodexo Live!, formerly known as Centerplate, on April 13 launched phase one of galley reopening for passengers, which includes five galleys on four different routes.

According to WSF's John Vezina, interim director of community services and planning, Sodexo Live's priority is to reopen safely and ensure compliance with all requirements as it builds the operation back to capacity, depending on staffing availability, business needs, and priorities.

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