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Geri Florek, cornerstone of Eagle for three decades, takes a bow

The story of Geri Florek is a story of the Wahkiakum County Eagle. Or perhaps, the story of the Eagle is a story of Geri.

After 30 years, it's hard to tell anymore. Their tales are too intertwined.

It's also a story of three publishers. It's Rick Nelson's story, and Bob Nelson's story before him.

It's the beginning of Brandon J. Simmons' story. And it's mine. Geri's life encompasses the chapters of so many who have walked through the Eagle's doors these last 30 years, all sharing a common love for the community, all trying their best to tell the truth about Wahkiakum County and it's denizens, covering meetings and events, writing about local personalities, taking pictures, arranging layout, selling ads, preparing invoices, and more.

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