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Local Ghost Hunters Document Paranormal Experiences on YouTube


Last updated 9/28/2023 at 11:58am

Tina McKail, Key Peninsula News

Derek Grannes and Alex Donahou might look scarier than most ghosts.

Derek Grannes and Alex Donahou were tossing back a few drinks at The Floatation Device Pub & Grill near the Purdy Spit last December. Nothing strange about friends of nearly 20 years getting together for some beer and tequila to celebrate the holidays.

But then from out of nowhere, Donahou asked Grannes a pretty strange question: "Have you ever wanted to go ghost hunting?"

Even stranger: Grannes was about to ask him the same thing.

Earlier that month Grannes had a vivid dream about his dad playing with Grannes' three kids. Grannes, who had a contentious relationship with his dad, hadn't talked to him for five years.

"He told me (in the dream), 'I just want to apologize to you for everything I've done, and I want you to know that I love you,' " Grannes said. "I just felt so relieved." His wife, Brittani, woke him up soon after to tell him that she got a phone call that his dad just passed away.

"That was very powerful to me, so I asked God for a path," said Grannes.

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