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Bat test positive for rabies in Snohomish County

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash., August 29, 2023-The Snohomish County Health Department is urging all county residents to know and follow preventive measures for rabies after a bat in the Snohomish area tested positive Monday, August 28.

Multiple domestic pets were exposed, but there are no known human exposures. The owner reported that the pets are vaccinated against rabies. Public health staff are following up to verify vaccination status and provide guidance on any other measures that may be needed, such as temporary confinement of pets for monitoring.

Bats are important nocturnal pollinators, and most are harmless. However, like all wild animals, contact with bats should be avoided as they may bite, scratch, and carry diseases. Some bats carry rabies, which is a deadly disease that can spread to humans or other animals through bites and scratches. While only a small percentage of bats in the wild carry rabies, exposures should be taken seriously. Rabies is fatal without preventive treatment.

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