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Peninsula guides a doggone 'miracle': Woman kayaks out to rescue missing Doberman

Operation Doberman sounds like a military code-name, but it was a remarkable instance where the peninsula displayed its collective concern.

When Arlington visitor Stacy Day's pet ran off, she was distraught for 18 days before a combination of sightings, diligent searching and patience allowed her to reunite with her Doberman.

Now she wants to thank the community for helping. "It's amazing," she said. "It's hard to believe. It wasn't the way I was going to spend my August, but it had a happy ending."

The drama began Aug. 1, when the family, on the last day of their vacation, decided to visit an Astoria museum. Juneau, a female Doberman, was left at their vacation rental - but appears to have escaped and raced after them.

On returning from a day across the river, they discovered the dog was gone

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