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Around the World Alone - Again - This Time by Sail

Once you become the first person to circumnavigate the globe alone under your own power - 41,196 miles of rowing solo across the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans, then pedaling a bicycle across and scaling mountains on the continents in between - what do you do for an encore?

Maybe you do it again, taking a different route to summit the highest peaks you missed the first time, while visiting (or building) classrooms along the way, sharing what you've seen and learned about the world, the environment, and yourself.

The 62-year-old Wauna resident Erden Eruç (AIR-den AIR-rooch), already the holder of 16 Guinness world records, was on his way to doing just that when he launched his rowboat from Crescent City, California, June 22, 2021. After 239 days and over 7,800 miles alone across the Pacific for the second time, he became the first person to row from North America to Asia when he landed in the Philippines March 24, 2022, securing two more world records.

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