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Longbranch Photographer Shares Her Art of Storytelling

Gretchen Shepherd was getting ready to head to church camp at Camp Ghormley near Yakima. It was summer in the 1960s, and to capture the special moments between all the worship and fellowship, her grandma let the 10-year-old borrow her camera. Shepherd spent the week snapping photos of the new friends she made and all the daily festivities. The camera felt natural in her hands, so once camp was over she dreaded returning it to her grandma.

"She never asked for it back," Shepherd remembered.

Fast forward more than 55 years and Shepherd, now an influential photographer, and many other local artists will have booths in Key Center Aug. 2 from 4 to 8 p.m. for the annual Art Walk. The event is put on by the Two Waters Arts Alliance, where Shepherd is a board member.

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