By Diana Zimmerman
Wahkiakum County Eagle 

Foraging racoons trouble Cathlamet woman


Last updated 12/15/2022 at 10:28am

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Cathlamet resident Gloria Johnson believes raccoons are the reason she keeps finding the sod behind her home overturned in the morning, despite her best efforts to deter them.

It's been a frustrating few days for Gloria Johnson in Cathlamet.

Several mornings in a row now, she's discovered that something is turning over the newly laid sod in her back yard. It hasn't had a chance to take root, and may not if these high jinks continue.

She's come to the conclusion that it's raccoons, trying to get an early breakfast of grubs. Raccoons have been seen in the neighborhood, Johnson said, walking on a nearby fence or living in a tree across the street before it was cut down.

Following advice from friends, she put down Irish Spring soap, sprinkled deer deterrent, bought motion sensor lights, and conducted enough research to find a chemical that would kill the grubs and wouldn't hurt her cats or her neighbor's cats. The product cost her $200.

She thought it was working. A few days later, the mysterious creatures were back to their old tricks.

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