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Horse enthusiast combines her love of painting and riding

Joanne Mehl blended her passion of horses and art to form a business where she paints vivid landscapes and equestrian activities.

Mehl, who has been a professional, figurative artist since 1985, uses traditional media and techniques and works in an impressionist style.

Through Joanne Mehl Paintings, she also offers painting lessons.

She has been fond of horses since the 1960s and she's not slowing down.

"I've been horse-crazy since I was a kid," Mehl said, adding she got her first horse when she was around 12 years old.

She followed her gut to do what she loves.

"That whole idea inspired me to paint horses and start a business where I paint primarily horses, but I also paint portraits," Mehl said.

Those portraits can include other animals like cats and dogs or children.

She feels that her love of horses compliments her art and vice versa.

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