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Scoopology, a Pet Waste Removal Company, Expands Services to Yelm

The owners of Scoopology give a crap and that's because they're scooping it up.

Through a collaboration with A New Beginning Dog Training, the pet waste removal company owned by Jason Hoseney and Kevin Morton, is expanding its services to Yelm.

Scoopology's most popular service features a weekly pick-up of pet waste in a person's yard. They also have a twice a week service or a one-time pick-up service.

Morton has spent his long career in box store management in sales while Hoseney has worked as a coach, teacher and community college administrator. The two began looking into inexpensive small business startups and their research kept bringing them back to pet waste removal.

"Dog ownership has been increasing in recent years here in Washington state, and as dog lovers ourselves, we thought anything to do with dogs might be fun to be involved with," Hoseney said.

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