By Julia Lerner
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Aleutian Isle fishing vessel recovered after 39 days


Last updated 9/23/2022 at 11:48am

Courtesy of the Washington State Department of Ecology

The Aleutian Isle was towed to Mitchell Bay before being placed on a waiting barge.

The Aleutian Isle fishing vessel has been removed from the waters off San Juan Island after 39 days, the U.S. Coast Guard announced Thursday night.

Efforts to recover the vessel, which was under more than 250 feet of water in the Haro Strait, were complicated by environmental concerns and short diving windows.

"We are so pleased to see the vessel safely out of the water," USCG Commander Kira Moody wrote in an announcement. "The unique environment of the San Juan Islands and location of the vessel made this a complicated and technical response. Through the team's expertise we were able to overcome any challenge safely and efficiently."

Response crews successfully placed the vessel onto a salvage barge Wednesday night after initial removals were stalled over the weekend. The boat was initially lifted off the sea floor last week, but remained at the surface due to safety concerns. Responders towed the vessel to Mitchell Bay, where it was removed from the water Wednesday.

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