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Happy birthday to you: Tom Robbins is now 90 years old!

Surrounded by a carefully curated assortment of tiny toys and random delights, Tom Robbins, one of the most engaging writers of serio-comic culture, leans over his keyboard. He is replying to one of the many love letters received daily from his fandom.

It is July and the fireplace crackles inside this 148 year-old cabin in La Conner. Here and there, tables and shelves overflow with treasured memorabilia reflecting the boyish sweetness of a childhood maintained. Notable amongst this collection are a series of peach cans, buddhas, antique circus toys and a neon baby riding a fish, all of which appear to be arranged in quiet contemplation of a fine selection of woodpecker art. One pivots to a stunning display of ephemera from a spam carving contest, a stained glass window of an aerialist and finally a Chairman Mao poster.

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