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A New Day for Lakebay Marina

The last of the derelict vessels, the old fuel pump and finally the docks were removed from the marina.

Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz visited Lakebay Marina June 4 in part to celebrate the partnership to save the iconic facility and to see for herself what the Department of Natural Resources now owns.

"This was a long, long haul here," said Bob Wise, president of the Recreational Boaters Association of Washington. "There were a lot of ups and downs, a lot of very dark days. Number one, I thank Hilary Franz for having the courage to do this."

Doug Levy, lobbyist for RBAW, said "This is the first boating facilities program application they've done on the aquatics side of the (DNR). It's like going off the top of the mountain without any skis on. 'Hey, is this going to work?' "

"We have two significant responsibilities," Franz said. "One is to steward those aquatic lands for salmon habitat and the critical ecosystem that thrives in our waterways but also to provide access for the people of Washington state, so they can get out on our waters and enjoy them."

Franz said Lakebay Marina has a huge history of recreation opportunity and access. "And at the same time, you look around, we've got an estuary up here that can help restore our salmon runs and protect aquatic species."

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