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Woodland Police Department welcomes new wellness dog

The Woodland Police Department's newest employee spends a good amount of time sleeping on the job, but that's to be expected of an 11-week-old Labrador retriever.

When fully trained, the puppy named Bolo will serve to provide a friendly and comforting face for the department.

On April 25, the police department officially received Bolo from local breeder Jaymee Lockwood. The puppy was part of a second litter from Lockwood's dog Brienne, a number of which have gone on to be trained for service, therapy and emotional support roles.

Initially named Sarge by Lockwood, Bolo has been with the department for three weeks. His handler Lt. Jen Ortiz is also a new addition to the force after she was hired in February.

Ortiz jumped at the chance to care for Bolo due to her affinity for dogs.

"He's kind of my partner now, all the time, (at) home and work," Ortiz said.

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