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By Jana Mathia
Whitman County Gazette 

Voter turnout could trip 2021 elections


Last updated 12/26/2020 at 1pm

COLFAX — The Nov. 3 general election saw a high voter turnout of 86.4%, far higher than in previous years.

While that speaks highly of voter involvement in the election, it could mean snags for measures on the ballot in 2021 due to validation requirements.

Bonds, including street maintenance and operation levies, require a voter turnout of at least 40% of the most recent general election to be validated.

That could be a problem for any municipality running on the 2021 ballot, based on past issue that have passed, yet failed for lack of validation.

Towns wanting to run levy proposals in 2021 do so at the risk of paying for the run, but not getting enough voters to validate the issues, even if it passes.

This was an issue in 2017 for Pullman after the presidential election in 2016. Pullman had two bond measures topping 60% supermajority approval, but failed to meet the 40% voter turnout validation requirement. To read more from this article, visit:



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