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By Luke Olson
Ellensburg Daily News 

Neighborhood dogs love hanging around the lively atmosphere at Ellensburg Golf Club


Last updated 10/29/2020 at 10:07am

Luke Olson, Daily News

Hank, an 8-year old English Bulldog, sits on the putting green at Ellensburg Golf Club.

During the brisk, early mornings at Ellensburg Golf Club, co-owner Frank Crimp isn't always the first one to arrive at the course.

Instead of customers greeting Crimp, it's Tess, an older black Shepherd mix, waiting in the parking lot for the day at the course to ensue.

"I drive in the parking lot and she's there nearly every morning this past year and a half," Crimp said.

Tess, who lives off the No. 2 fairway, has been a steadfast visitor at Ellensburg Golf Club, but she isn't the only furry friend strolling around the clubhouse.

Ellensburg Golf Club has been dog-friendly since Crimp and his brother, Keith, purchased the course property in 1985. Frank's trip to Scotland at renowned St. Andrews Golf Course before the brothers purchased Ellensburg Golf Club offered a unique perspective.

"I was at St. Andrews Golf Course in Scotland and they closed their course on Sundays so people can walk on the golf course and it's pretty standard throughout Scotland that people will take a walk on the golf course and they'll walk their dogs and they're really good about picking up after the dog," Frank said. "It just makes more for a friendly atmosphere."

While Frank isn't closing doors on Sundays, dogs are always welcome to tag along with the players, given that they're well-behaved and owners pick up any droppings. Normally, dogs or any type of pets aren't permitted at golf courses.

But Ellensburg Golf Club is one of those exceptions.

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